Natural Rubber

Natural rubber, in its milky sap, is tapped from the Hevea Brasiliensis tree. Most of the latex is either processed into sheets or solid crumb rubber. It can also be kept in its liquid form through use of chemicals to prevent the latex from coagulation. In the solid form, the rubber sheets or crumbs are used in the manufacture of solid rubber based products, eg. tyres etc, while the liquid form is used for dipping products such as gloves, balloons and condoms.

Pale Crepe

Pale Crepe consists of carefully collected fresh liquid latex, deliberately coagulated and sometimes, bleached, milled, to produce crepe of a thickness corresponding approximately to standardized thickness.

Skim Block

A by-product originating from concentrated, centrifuged latex; coagulated and converted to rapid-curing crêpe or granulated (block) rubber containing a higher proportion of non-rubbers than ordinary sheet, crêpe or block.

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